Tawkify Mystery Date

RastaMonsta goes on a Tawkify Mystery Date

Tawkify is amazing. Such a cool, different way to date.

I went on a mystery date. Which is a blind date. They tell you to meet on a street corner. Then you text them when you meet and then they tell you what to do. They have guidelines: no alcohol, don’t spend over $20.

My matchmaker, says: Look for a beautiful blond in a purple dress. I’m there to meet her on the corner at 7 pm.

Confession. Tawkify told me what my date did. So I did some Internet research and I found her site before we met. So I knew what she looked like. I also saw she was a good at what she did and intelligent. Definitely a turn on. I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that but hey.

I see her walk up and she lives up to the billing. I text my matchmaker. She gives these clues about where to go and asks us to guess. I realize it’s a spot right up the street. However a tour bus had just pulled up and dropped off like 50 people. They were standing in a line outside the door.

We opted to walk up to a bar a few blocks away. This was cool because that showed me that she was adaptable and could pivot quickly.

She talked, a lot. A whole lot. Like it was not an equal amount of talking. Not an even tennis match. I didn’t mind it too much but was a little turned off. She’s intelligent and has a lot of great stories about where she’s lived and traveled. I wasn’t bored.

We hung out for 2 hours. I walked her to her car. We hugged each other. She gave me a great hug. Strong and pressed in tight.

I’m attracted to her but I was not feeling sparks. I must have sparks and I didn’t feel a connection. I wish I had. My gut is telling me it’s not a match. I’ve got 2 more free matches with Tawkify. I may even buy some more matches after because it’s such a cool way to date. Especially for me since I don’t enjoy online dating. They do the work for you and take the time to pick someone they think you’ll like.

The experience was great. Unfortunately it was not a match.

On to the next Date!

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